We're passionate about animals and only offer the best care possible.

Culver Pet Clinic is a full-service animal hospital in Irvine, California. Our veterinarians and veterinarian assistants are very experienced and prepared to handle any situation. Caring for animals is a very rewarding job, and we take it very seriously.

At Culver Pet Clinic, we'll only provide high-standard, loving care for your pet. Call and schedule a check-up today!

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You can now view all of your pet's medical history online 24/7, make and confirm appointments on your phone or email, and receive text messages with reminders. 


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Prefer a holistic approach to your pets health?  Ask Dr. Keng for more information on Veterinary Acupuncture.

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We now offer grooming every Wednesday for your convenience.  We continue to offer bathing daily Monday thru Friday.

Grooming on Wednesdays!!!

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